Becoming Jill: Adventures in Adulthood

Chapter 22: In Which My Best Friend Makes Me Laugh
January 8, 2011, 8:34 pm
Filed under: Positive Thoughts

Well, so far, all this positive thinking has been pretty hard work! I know that changing one’s thought patterns doesn’t happen overnight, but I did think it would be a little easier than this…

Luckily, a chat with my best friend nearly always puts me in a good mood, and provides positive thoughts-a-plenty. The lovely and amazing Karen has been by my side (or, more often, on the other end of the phone) for all the ups and downs of the past decade, plus a few years.

When you know someone for that long, you just know certain things about them– all the little quirks that make them fun and unique. Here’s a bit of the gospel according to Karen: Diet Coke only, regular tastes weird; peeing in bushes is not itchy, awkward, or revolting, but actually what she does for “fun” on vacation; social activities must be arranged around the Vikings football schedule; soup is not real food.

I called her this evening, and she informed me that she was making soup! This, the girl who for 10+ years has steadfastly waged a war against soup. I have known her to eat chili on occasion, but chili, she says, is not soup. Her argument against soup, is that it is akin to bobbing for apples, and if you want veggies, don’t float them in water, and if you want water, just drink a glass. So you can imagine my surprise when she told me that she was making soup of her own free will.

This post is going no where fast, and I am having a hard time explaining why I found it so hilarious that my anti-soup best friend is making soup for dinner, but there it is. In any event, I love having someone in my life who can laugh with me over the most mundane details of our lives, and who brightens my day by just being who she is.



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I completely understand the amusement found in Karen’s soup making! I used to feel the same way and she was the only other person I knew who felt the same. I’m proud of her for taking this big culinary step :). And thrilled you have her quirks to provide you with endless entertainment!

Comment by negativealtitude

WHAT. My world is crumbling down around me. KAREN is making SOUP?!

Comment by Sarah

i KNOW, right?!?!

Comment by becomingjill

i’m growing 🙂

Comment by K

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