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Heading home for a bit…
August 5, 2010, 8:58 pm
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Just a quick post to say I probably won’t be around for a bit. I’m heading back down to Missouri to help out my family for a week or two. The last time I was home, my papa had hip replacement surgery, and has been slowly recovering ever since. He’s still not getting around very well, and we’re afraid that he might have some nerve damage from the surgery. Anyway, he’s fallen quite a few times since getting out of the hospital. Also, we’re afraid he may have had a minor stroke sometime in the last week or two. I’ll be staying on the farm with Grandma and Papa, driving them anywhere they need to go, and giving Grandma a break from being a full-time caretaker. I probably won’t have internet or cell access while I am there, but I am sure there will be plenty of things to keep me out of trouble! One of my favorite jobs on the farm is chasing cows out of the yard 😉

Papa Coats, Christmas 2009

The kitties will be “going on vacation,” which means that they will get to stay with Mom and Larry! Pip loves having the run of the big house,  but Kitten mostly hides in terror. He’s a brave, brave soul… Pip’s not been doing very well since he switched to a new brand of insulin a week or two ago, so I am hoping that spending some time at home will help get him on the right track again.

I’m off to finish packing!


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You are the best granddaughter ever! Enjoy the time with your family. Best wishes for Papa’s recovery.
Can we get a video of Jill the cow herder please? 🙂

Hugs to you!

Comment by amylee

Hi Jill! Amylee said exactly what I wanted to say! You’re a darling and a champ! Enjoy your stay with your folks. Give my regards to your mom and dad. Piet V. in Pretoria.

Comment by Piet Venter

You are the greatest granddaughter in the world!!! If by chance you get this while you are there, I have to mention home health. They can send out a nurse and physical therapy. Medicare will pay for all of it, 100%. Good luck!

Comment by Serena

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