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June 28, 2010, 10:19 am
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Instead of the articulate, well-thought-out post you’ve come to expect (I kid), today I shall be providing you with an assortment of random thoughts. Fasten your seatbelts!


– I am giving myself an extra week on the dishwashing thing. I was sick for most of the past week, and while I did really well on the first few days, once I started feeling really bad, the dishes began to pile up. I got them all washed yesterday, though, so a fresh start this week! I’m considering giving myself a sticker each time I wash the dishes… whatever works, right? 😉

-We had some pretty severe weather here over the weekend. Pip and I enjoyed watching the quarter-sized hail bounce around in the yard, but Kitten hid under the bed. He’s brave like that! Luckily, Boris the Blue seems to have escaped serious hail-damage. I am sure that the vibrancy of his Blue aura acted as a protective shield.

-My laptop died! Cause of death is yet-to-be determined, but Karen’s wonderful husband Jeremy is coming over this afternoon to take a look at the damages. I haven’t backed the thing up since January (oops) so I am hoping he’ll be able to get my data off the hard drive.

-Due to above laptop death, I now have a new laptop. I am pretty pissed about the whole thing, because a new laptop definitely wasn’t worked into my shoestring budget. However, I really have to have a computer to find a job. Grr. The dead one is too old to be worth paying to repair, so in the sense of long-term finances, a sensibly priced new computer makes more sense, but I am too annoyed by the unexpected expense to have much excitement over the shiny new laptop I got on Saturday.

-I know I said this the last time I had a computer die, but this time I mean it—BACKUPS EVERY MONTH FROM NOW ON. Sigh.

-I am really looking forward to having a Real Job some day so I can build up an emergency fund for just such occasions. Ah, dreams…

-Speaking of which, I found a great job opportunity that I feel I might actually have a shot at getting! Cross your fingers and toes, please! As soon as Jeremy retrieves my files, I’ll be sending in my resume.

-I successfully re-lit the pilot light in my oven for the second time ALL BY MYSELF. If you’ve ever seen me try to do anything at all involving tools, you will understand my sense of accomplishment. You really CAN learn how to do anything on YouTube!

-I am generally unhappy with my genetic heritage these days. Not only did I get a double-dose of depression, but each side of my family also lovingly gifted me with arthritis, too! With all our bizarre weather this month, I have spent a lot of time with sore joints.  Feeling better today, though, hooray!

-My fluffy cats generate a LOT of hair. Seriously. It’s taking over the apartment.

-Since I can’t work on my resume, I guess I’ll clean up cat hair in case my parents get to visit next week.


There, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Happy Monday!


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I use Dell DataSafe to back up my data. I pay $29/year for something like 2G of space on their server. My computer automatically backs up my essential files (Word, Quicken, etc.) EVERY NIGHT. I know that you are on a tough budget but $2.42/month is totally worth the piece of mind, in my opinion. If my computer dies, all that I lose is what wasn’t backed up in the last 24 hours rather than 6 months of work or more. Think about it. 🙂

BTW – If you haven’t watched the BBC mini-series Daniel Deronda on Netflix yet, you should. I think you will love it.

Comment by Stephanie

Oops! I have 20G. Totally excessive. I bet you can get smaller spaces. I barely use a gig…

Comment by Stephanie

hurrah! I adore randomness 🙂 I learned how to poach an egg via YouTube! Dead computers totally suck. I never back up anything, and have been considering purchasing an external hard drive for YEARS. Fortunately i have a techie brother and he has a relatively recent copy of my hard drive somewhere. For me the devastating loss would be my iTunes library. I can’t even think about it without hyperventilating. Oh, the travesty!!! I’m so glad you’re feeling better 🙂

Comment by negativealtitude

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